West Couldn’t Tackle Carson

Ysabella Atehortua, Editor-in-Chief

The Warriors were unable to take a win against Carson last Friday; losing 27- 34. This is West’s third lost in a row as they head into League games next week.


West started off early with a lead of 3, but this was quickly lost to Carson as they gained 14 points from two touchdowns. Quarter 3 ended with West trailing 13- 27. In the end West wasn’t able to clutch the win, losing by just one touchdown and kick.


EJ Hatter (11), a player for West said “we just need to get the energy back up on the field, we lost a lot of good players last year but we need to focus on getting better.” The loss over the players who had graduated negatively impacted the West football team, so in order to succeed, the players need to look past this loss and play as if they were still on the field. Defensive end Jacob Matthews (11) also said he “hopes [they] can do better next week so Coach Holt won’t be as disappointed with the boys as before.”


The game; however, was disrupted by the several injuries on the field. An injury to a Carson player’s neck stopped play for several minutes because it necessitated an ambulance to transport him to the hospital. Davione Germany (12) on our side also sustained an injury, not as serious, but enough to take him off the field for the night.


West will improve and strive to put this losing streak to an end and come out victorious in its game against Inglewood next Friday. Come support the team as they play at home at 7 p.m.