2015’s Nail Biting Super Bowl

Michael Nishida , Staff Writer

   On Sunday February 1st the New England Patriots took on the Seattle Seahawks in the 49th Super Bowl. The game took place at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona. The Seahawks were the defending Super Bowl champions and looked to have their quarterback Russell Wilson take his second Super Bowl in his first two years in the National Football League. Although Seattle won last year, the Patriots were the favorites to win the Super Bowl according to International Business Times.

When asked for his opinion about outcome of the game William Fu (10) commented, “The Patriots have made the playoffs for the past 5 or 6 years, they will win because they are so consistent.” It turns out Fu was right in his prediction, because the Patriots title of Super Bowl champions with a score of 28-24.

The game started off slow with both teams scoring zero points in the first quarter, but the Patriots started the second quarter with a quick touchdown on a pass by Tom Brady, the Patriots quarterback. Then the Patriots and Seahawks went back and forth, scoring touchdowns. Marshawn Lynch, the Seahawks running back, was able to lead the offensive charge and keep the game close.  As a result of Lynch’s running game the Seahawks were able to close the lead and end the quarter at a stalemate with a score of 14-14.

Contrary to the first half, the Seahawks started swiftly, as Steven Hauschka kicked a field goal for three points within the first four minutes of the third quarter. New England’s offense began to struggle, because its running back LeGarrette Blount only ran 40 yards on fourteen attempts, while Lynch ran 102 yards on 24 attempts. The Patriots were not able to run the ball effectively. This allowed Seattle to take a commanding lead of 24-14 going into the fourth quarter.

Brady swung the momentum in his favor by scoring two touchdowns on two offensive drives. This gave the Patriots a 28-14 lead. But with two minutes remaining, Wilson threw an amazing pass to Jermaine Kearse. Kearse lost complete control of the ball, but he managed to grab it while he was rolling on the ground.  This put the Seahawks to the one yard line, right in front of the end zone. The Patriots were distraught after that catch, because they thought that Lynch would run the ball one yard into the end zone. However, two plays later Wilson threw an interception to Malcom Butler, which that guaranteed the victory for New England. Many have said that Seattle should have run the ball, utilizing Lynch instead of passing the ball. On the play call Peter Carroll, the Seahawks head coach said, “That’s all my fault, totally.” However, in response to the play call Lynch the star running back commented, “It’s a team game.” Lynch showed no disappointment in the play call, because he trusted his coaches and believed in his teammates. Even so, this close game was decided on one play call that will be remembered for decades.

The 49th Super Bowl was an extremely intense game, with both teams trading touchdowns until the final two minutes of the fourth quarter. The Seahawks came close to turning the momentum of the game and coming back, but the Patriots were able to hold on to their lead and finish the game with a clutch interception. Brady was the Super Bowl MVP and this was his fourth career Super Bowl Victory.