2014 CIF Playoffs: The Girls Advance to the Semi-Finals

Sarah Honeycutt, Staff Writer

   On Friday, February 28th, the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team defeated Buena High School in a home game that has put them on their way to the Semi-Finals. The athletes and dedicated fans gathered throughout the West High stadium in the pouring rain to watch the Warriors battle for victory in the Quarter-Finals of the CIF Playoffs.

  The Warriors had a strong start to the game and with an early goal by forward Chidera Akubuilo (12), the Warriors were able to carry the momentum into the second half. “I think we played really well overall, we were very good at connecting with each other and that lead to [further] success,” said midfielder, Celeste Unverzagt (11). They scored another goal in the second half to finish the game with a final score of 2-0.

  Buena High School was a solid opponent and the Warriors knew that they had to play to the best of their ability in order to win. In the Playoffs, the competition is not easy. According to forward, Emily Atkinson (10), “[she] knew going into the game that it would be tough because if [Buena] could make it to the quarter-finals they had to be good.” This tough opponent did not stand in the Warriors’ way of winning the game. Defender Rachel Atkinson (12) commented, “at first we thought they were going to be a tough opponent but within the first 15 minutes of the game we found out their strategy and then out played it. That is why we were the more dominant team throughout the game.”

  As making it to the Semi-Finals of the CIF playoffs proves not to be easy, the competition greatly increased and it took hard work and dedication for the team to get to where they are now. The Warriors will battle in the Semi-Finals against Hart High School on Tuesday, March 4th.