Warriors on to the CIF Semi-Finals

Kristin Corse, Staff Writer

     Last Friday night at the Fred Peterson Stadium, the West High Warriors varsity football team challenged the Mira Costa Mustangs in a rematch for the spot in the CIF Semi-Finals.

     Mira Costa scored the first touchdown of the game. In an attempt to keep up, quarterback Joey Notch (12) scored the first touchdown for the Warriors, tying the game 7-7. In response, the Mustangs charged down the field and scored against the Warriors’ defense, putting them in the lead with a score of 14-7. Unwilling to let them score again, running back Barry Thomas (12) scored the next touchdown for West, once again tying the game 14-14. Catching up to Costa, offensive tackle and defensive end Josh Allen (11) intercepted the ball from the Mustang offense and scored, putting the Warriors in the lead with a score of 21-14.

     In the bottom of the first half, Costa scored one more time, tying with the Warriors. With the first half coming to an end, senior wide receiver Mat Boesen (12) scored the last touchdown of the first half, ending the half with a score of 28-21.

     Re-energized and ready for the second half, Notch scored the first touchdown, widening the score to 35-21. Keeping the faith, the Mustangs scored against the Warriors, catching up with a score of 35-28. In the bottom of the third quarter, Notch once again scored against the Mustang defense, further widening the score now 42-28. As the first touchdown of the fourth quarter, Mira Costa scored in attempt to catch up to the Warriors. Unwilling to give up, Notch scored in the bottom of the fourth as the Warrior’s last touchdown of the game. As their final chance to score, the Mustangs scored for the last time, ending the game with a final score of 49-42. The Warriors walked away with another victory.

     As the players celebrated their win with friends and family after the game, guard Eli Cameron (11) said, “We came out fired up, ready to play. There were a few mistakes on offense and few big plays on defense. Other than that, we played our game.” In agreement, linebacker Trevor Williams (11) said, “Friday night was an emotional game because most of us seniors and juniors hadn’t beat Mira Costa in a few years. The win gave us another boost of confidence and the support from the fans was through the roof! All the boys played great, with heart, and the will to win.”

     Because it has been a few years since West has beat Costa, the Warriors fought hard for the win, and their effort showed. “We really played are hearts out. The last few practices is what got us to the win,” said Xavier Lofton (11). This win was one of the best wins that West has had all season. The Warriors are now on to the CIF Semi-Finals, this Friday, November 23rd in Atascadero. The warriors are now ready to take their team to the CIF Championship.