Cross Country at the South Bay Cup

Kevin JB Kim, Staff Writer

  The member of Cross Country teams from each Torrance High schools met at 2 p.m. on September 25th. The occasion was the South Bay Cup which was located at Columbia Park.

  When asked what the purpose of the South Bay Cup was, West High Junior Varsity runner Ravi Chintalachar (10) stated, “The teams came together for one purpose: to have fun while doing what [Cross Country athletes] love best- running.” Chintalachar won the sophomore race. The South Bay Cup enabled athletes like West Junior Varsity runner Chintalachar to realize that the love for running bounds the athletes together. As for Ryan Star (10), the South Bay Cup “motivated [him] to train harder and highlighted the importance of running.” Lynn Dinh (12) learned that the “competition was great, but very competitive.” Dinh bonded more with her fellow runners through the South Bay Cup. Dinh states that “[she] liked the competition even though [she] didn’t do that well, but the team was really supportive of [her].”

  Chintalachar ran 2.9 miles in 21:36, winning the Sophmore race. Starr came close with 2.9 miles in 22:26. West High Junior Varsity runner Eric Madera (12) finished first in the Junior Varsity Race West High and 23rd overall.

  By enduring through long and difficult practices, the West High School Cross Country team took home the trophy at the South Bay Cup. To different athletes, the South Bay Cup was a special event that taught them an important lesson: train harder, run faster, and be greater.

  To come together as one from different high schools, for one purpose seems to be impossible. Yet every year South Bay Cup exemplifies that such an event is possible. Madera stated that “[he feels] more united with [his] teammates in cross country” because of events like these. Madera continued “Cross Country is more than running. It teaches lessons that can be applied to life.”  The South Bay Cup is a perfect example of the impact of Cross Country to the athletes.