Swimming Toward Victory

Chika Ojukwu, Staff Writer

   On Thursday April 19th, the West High Swim team engaged in a swim meet at Palos Verdes High School. The event allowed the participating swimmers to not only exercise various events, but to also analyze their respective areas of improvement. Because swim meets do not generally conclude with a ‘winning’ and ‘losing’ team up until the following day,  swimmers are able to contest in the meet all while eradicating the nerve-racking mindset of defeat.
   Every swimmer is required to race in all the events, as this allows them to compete in their strongest events as well as practice their weaker ones. Although swim meets are mostly comprised of races and competitions, many swimmers use the event to become acquainted with their fellow team members. Varsity swimmer Kaileen Taylor (12) stated, “I love meets because they allow everyone to work on various skills that they have. We also bond during swim meets and they give everyone on the team a chance to determine where and how to improve along with how to overall transform themselves into better swimmers.” Eric Nguyen (11), another Varsity swimmer added, “Battling Palos Verdes was not effortless; however, the meet has given us valuable perspective as to how to improve our capability to perform well. With good freshman additions this year, we are a much stronger team.”
   As the Warriors and Sea Kings battled in the waves, the Warriors were able to maximize their skills. However, some of the swimmers admit that they do not know everyone on the team – an important factor when it comes to sports. Hana Otsuka (11) commented, “I wish as a team we have more bonding events over the course of the season. I feel that this allow us to get to know everyone on the team.” When asked what she enjoys most about swim meets she stated, “The meets really capitalizes on our sportsmanship as a whole. We often cheer on our team with group chants and it brings us closer to each other.” The Warriors know they have, through hard work and determination, become a stronger team.