West High Track Triumphs

Kiana Schmitt, Staff Writer

   Tuesday marked a triumphant return to the season from Spring Break for West High’s track team.  Girls Varsity was victorious at the meet against Palos Verdes and Leuzinger, and Boys Varsity just barely lost 65-67.
Despite the fact that Palos Verdes’ track team was especially skilled in distance running, the day was filled with success as many personal records were set.  Nina Baker (9) won the high jump at 5’0’’ and varsity member Austin Nuchols (12) definitely did not disappoint by winning the 400-meter run.
Another setback the warrior runners encountered was the intense heat.  The high temperature on Tuesday was around 80 degrees, which certainly “took a lot out of [the team],” explained varsity member Madalyn Fleming (12).  Yet West’s track team powered on, not letting the sweltering temperatures overwhelm and overpower them in the slightest.  Fleming commended her team’s performance by enthusiastically exclaiming, “Overall, we did a great job in the heat, especially just coming back from spring break!”
Clearly heat could not affect these avid runners’ drive and determination to prevail!