West Soccer Rockets Towards Bay League

Jonathon Choi, Staff Writer

It was a stunning week for the Boys Varsity Soccer Team with consecutive victories against Animo and Torrance High. Additionally, the victories signify the group heading towards the right direction as League play is set to start. The first game, which took place Wednesday, January 4th against the Animo Aztec Eagles, was a sensational win for the Warriors with a score of 5-1. Against Torrance on Friday, January 6th, West achieved a marginal but well played victory 1-0.

Although both wins were encouraging, the victory against Animo proved to be much more substantial in regards to satisfaction. It was a home game that started with West’s intense defense which lead to a poor short-lived offensive performance from Animo. After failing to secure their gains, Amino quickly started falling back. The Warriors then kept up a savage offensive attack that had their opponent constantly on their heels pressuring them at every square inch of the field.

Guy Rappleyea (11) and Steven Ingraham (11) both tore up the field and as well as Animo’s defense. John Lee (12) pulled a phenomenal move midgame when he fired from 25 yards to score a goal. According to the Daily Breeze, Coach Mike Shimizu stated, “You won’t see shots like [those] often.” Additionally, another aspect that secured the victory was a penalty-kick save from Christian Rahman (12) that had boosted the Warrior’s morale. Coach Shimizu stated, “The penalty-kick save was huge. We were not playing well and that was a great save. It gave us a boost and we started playing high-pressure soccer and winning balls.” At that point, Animo’s strategy completely collapsed and West capitalized to win the game.

Against Torrance, the Warriors had a more difficult time. However, with grinding defense throughout the match, West was able to score and hold their slim single point lead until the final whistle of the referee blew.

Through their two preseason victories, the athletes demonstrated that their skills are sharp and refined. They hope to carry out their success throughout the regular Bay League season.