West Soccer Ramps Up Its Game

Jonathan Choi, Staff Writer

On Friday, December 9th, the West Boys Varsity Soccer team kicked off against the Bishop Montgomery Knights. The stadium lights shone on the field as players rushed at each other, filling the air with shouts and grunts. The ball flew every way, players rushed into position, blocking, kicked, sprinted, and charged at the opposing team. This was the second win in the tournament and the third for the season. The team, which has not faltered once, has been superb so far and is set to continue an amazing performance.

West entered the game confident of victory, with an amazing offense. Julian Samaan (12) fired past the Knights Defensive positions to score two goals for the Warriors. Another was claimed by Daniel Colin (12), who also took advantage of the Knights initial disorder.

Other games were somewhat similar. Thursday’s game against the El Segundo Eagles tied the Warriors neck to neck in a 1-1 game, with no tie-breaker. The game looked like a goner in the beginning. However, Justin Yapelli (12)led the team, ran the ball down the field and scored into the net.

Then, on Tuesday’s game against Morningside, the team was able to defeat the Monarchs 6-1, with a massive show of force that annihilated the them. West started off a little slow, but as the game progressed, gained momentum and toppled the other other team’s defense

The Westside Tournament between four prominent soccer giants, is a preview of what to expect from the Warriors Varsity Soccer Team this year.