Warriors Struggle in Season Opener

Chika Ojukwu, Staff Writer

On September 9th, the Warriors Varsity Football team played their first game of the season against the Culver City Centaurs. Although the team played consistently throughout the first half, the second half was a completely different story. The Centaurs gained a significant lead and never trailed afterwards winning the game 51-28.

Despite the defeat, the players still remained positive and motivated about the ongoing season. When asked about their thoughts for this year, Quarterback Joey Notch (11) answered, “I think we are a much better team this year. We have great additions and with the improved offense we are throwing the ball a lot more. I am sure we will maintain a good record.” Middle Linebacker and Fullback Chris Kneepkens (12) added, “I feel this season will have its up and downs, but I am more than confident we will be able to beat anyone we play.” The players also want to accomplish personal goals such as Running back Barry Thomas (11) who hoped “to improve and build [his] skills while putting them to use on the field.”

The loss allowed the players to realize what they can learn and how they can apply their improved skills to future games. Notch confirmed “[he] will try to improve his abilities allowing [him] to become an all-around better player, while Kneepkens and Thomas confirmed that “[their] main priority is to work on their offensive skills in order to advance the ball closer to the opposition’s end zone.”

Their determination will allow them to reach any goals they have laid out for themselves. The players will attempt to enhance their abilities in order to obtain a great year. The loss on Friday enabled them to acknowledge what they need to work on in order to attain a successful football season.

As the season continues this year, varsity football expects nothing less than triumph and success. While watching the future games on Friday nights, do not hesitate to cheer them on as they pave the way to victory.