Keys to Basketball Crown

Ariel Kimmok, Sports Editor

   In the midst of a highly competitive division, the Varsity Basketball Boys seek to grab the Bay League Crown. With the first official match against the 2010 CIF Champions Westchester High on November 30th, the Warriors will be able to gauge their skills and talents. Although the group has lost several significant athletes through graduation, this year’s roster features a great mix of youth, and potential. Among a few of the returning members are Brandon Yamada (11) and Kieran O’Shaughnessy (12); the duo did a great job handling the ball and controlling games in 09-10 and seek to continue to do so this arriving season. The unit also features dedicated and powerful Nicky Roos (11) and Fidel Herrera (11).

   Although individual ability is crucial to success on the court, basketball is dependent foremost on cohesive balance. According to Coach Nitake, even though the group is not the “most athletic, most talented, or brightest” they possess one of the most crucial fundamental skills to the sport which is chemistry. He explains “In all my years coaching at West High, I’ve never seen a team that is as unselfish and comradely as this one.” Surely with such an approach, the players can develop a solid foundation of support for one another. Every successful offense and defense simultaneously incorporates all five members on the floor. With a high degree of trust, the Warriors will learn to rely and thrive off of each other on both ends of the court.

   A coach knows his players the best and Coach Nitake understands the limitations and boundaries of the team. Although the individuals may be limited in athleticism and talent, “[their] potential is limitless. I don’t care who we play, a tight unit can never be counted out.” Their principles are to work and strive for success through out-hustling their opponents; this starts with practice and ends with performance.

   Unlike last season where the team was constantly undermined by more gifted groups such as Mira Costa and Leuzinger, Coach Nitake believes that the Warriors have a great shot at claiming the title. “[Our goal] is going to be very competitive this season, there are no walks in the park; the Bay League crown is completely up for grabs.” Indeed through consistent effort and a source of unification, the Boys Varsity Basketball team surely will dribble towards success.