Racing to the Finish Line: Angela Sloss

Ann Kim, Staff Writer

   Angela Sloss (10) is one of the rising cross country athletes that runs the extra mile to improve and thrive at the sport. With cross country being a demanding sport, many students are not willing to dedicate their time and energy to succeed in running.

   Recently, Angela Sloss finished in first place in the sophomore division at Mt. San Antonio College Invitational race, which is one of the most difficult cross country courses in California for most runners. Sloss said “I felt good and accomplished” when she finished first place. With her fastest mile time being 5 minutes and 33 seconds and her fastest three-mile race time being 19 minutes and 56 seconds she has been added to the reputable varsity team for cross country. Coach Ken, the assistant girls’ cross country coach, said “I think [Angela Sloss] has a lot more potential.”

   The training for cross country is overwhelming at times as, Sloss runs at least six miles a day and ten mile runs on the weekend. She is also an active player in club soccer and track. In track she runs long distance: 2 mile, 1 mile, 800 meters, and 400 meters.

   During strenuous and hard practices, Sloss says she motivates herself by telling herself she “can do it.” Whenever she feels like giving up people push her to work harder and gives her the energy to continue running.

   Although cross country is challenging, Sloss’ “favorite thing about cross country is definitely running with [her] friends.” Angela Sloss proves to be a dedicated and committed athlete. She is a runner to watch for the rest of her high school years due to her exceptional talents and ambitions.