A Conclusion to Swim Season

Bryan Phan

Although West’s Swim has it fair share of obstacles this season: not having its own pool, losing many of its top swimmers from the previous years and having only two of is individuals qualify for CIF Finals, it has also showed signs of improvement and determination that make success certainly tangible for next year’s team.
Because of many newcomers, the Swim Teams first few meets were learning experiences for first year members on how to compete in certain races such as Medley’s, Stroke Races or Distance Races. Of this year’s season Ben Yu (11) said, “It was a lot of fun and I really feel that we can succeed if every member continues practicing.” As more people gained experience from time in the pool and competition their swimming speed and PR’s or personal records began to improve. Carl Hu (11) said, “I improved a lot on my time because I had more practice and knowledge of my race this year.” Valuable tips and drills from Coach Claudine and Cunningham have also begun helping the team not only get into better shape and greater finesse but to have a better understanding for the sport.
As this year’s season is concluding, the team is looking forward to having greater success in its future meets. It will have both of its CIF Final qualifying swimmers (Scott Bower (11) and Tsumugi Gebo (11)) alongside other varsity and returning members. All of the team feels that it can succeed next year and as Ryan Hoang (11) says “If we work harder and smarter than other teams no obstacles can prevent us from succeeding.”