The End of a Season

Jennifer Welch

On November 20th, West High’s varsity football team played the first game of the playoffs against Warren High School. The game began at 7:30 p.m., and took place at Warren. West was conscious of Warren’s running back, Jesse Callier, and the threat this player posed. Full back Luke Trudnowski (12) said, “We practiced hard this week, the defense especially to shut down number five [Callier].” Tight end Nick Corse (10) stated, “We felt excited, because last year we didn’t get into the playoffs. This year we were pumped that we got in.”
The game began with Warren completing two touchdowns in the first quarter. The Warriors then used a fake punt to score a touchdown. The team came out onto the field in punt formation fourth down, but instead of punting, Ronnie Clark (12), who is both quarterback and punter, threw the ball to DJ Diaz (12). Diaz then ran the ball in for a touchdown. However, by the end of the half, West was still down at a score of 24-6.
During the second half of the game, Warren continued to maintain control of the scoreboard. Trudnowski said Warren “certainly ran the ball well.” Two additional touchdowns scored by Jesse Callier secured a win for Warren at 51-21.
While West has now finished its season, the team is proud with how they played this year. Corse said, “We did really good, I feel that our team this year came together a lot better than last year.” Trudnowski had similar sentiments. “I really enjoyed playing with the team, and playing with the class seniors.”