Always Write, Never Wrong

Always Write, Never Wrong

Ellen Butler, Staff Writer

   Write Club is a safe, welcoming environment to share pieces of writing, throw around ideas, and discuss a multitude of topics.

Every person, no matter their profession, will be writing throughout their life. “Even the molecular biologist needs to write to publish his or her paper,” said Georgina Chiou (12), Write Club President. Whether one studies to write or not, writing will still be implemented into their life. Write Club’s goal is to strengthen student’s ability to write and communicate, so that they have experience to look back on in the future.

During club meetings, members share original pieces of writing (anything form spontaneous poetry to in-class essays), cover any news or events in the media, and share opinions. Every week, members pass around the designated Write Club Journal and share what they wrote throughout the week.

The focus of write club, according to club Vice President, Todd Potter (10), is to “improve writing skills outside of class and give students necessary exposure not otherwise provided in a typical English classroom setting.” Potter continued by saying that write club hones in on certain skills, such as collaborative and communication skills.

“Write club helps me in a more humanistic sense,” said Chiou, “there’s something undeniably pleasant about being able to sit down and share your ideas with some of the most creative people you know.” All members of Write Club enjoy writing in different styles as well as bouncing ideas off of other members. Apoorva Kotaru (10) enjoys writing narratives the most, she likes the “personal affect” a narrative has. Two year member Jenny Shoda (12), on the other hand, enjoys writing fiction / fantasy the most. Skoda discussed how writing fiction is a “good outlet when stressed about other things.”

Write Club takes place every Tuesday in room 3305. Come stop by!