Student Spotlight: Ira Ghare

Courtesy of Ira Ghare

Courtesy of Ira Ghare

Vibhash “Al” Devanathan, Staff Writer

   Imagine being taken out of the school you’ve been in for years, and tossed into a new one. Where everyone already knows each other, and you have no place in the social dynamic. That’s what Ira Ghare (11) went through last year and she’s here to tell this year’s batch of transfers students her experiences.


Q: Where did you come from and why did you transfer here?

A: I came here from India because my parents’ job required them to transfer to America 


Q: What was your first day like? What was your favorite part of it? 

A: My first day was absolutely terrifying. The education system was completely different than what I was accustomed to. I had grown up watching various series and movies about high school, and being in one was always a dream, but it was nerve-wracking actually being in that environment. But thanks to the cooperative teachers and supportive environment, I soon got accustomed to the culture.


Q: Was it easy or hard to find friends? How did you meet them? 

A: It was actually not very hard to find friends. At first, I was kind of in my shell, but soon I found a connection with some Indian girls who understood my culture and they helped me become more confident and adjust in High School. 


Q: What do you miss about your old school?
A: My old schools in India very highly based on Indian culture and traditions. We had a lot of events celebrating the multitude of Indian festivals, and facilitating ancient Indian traditions. This used to be one of the best parts of the school. Therefore this is definitely the aspect of my past schools that I miss most in high school.

Q: Finally, what advice would you give to your fellow transfer students A: Having to adjust in a completely different lifestyle and culture far away from the life that you are accustomed to is terrifying and can be very intimidating at first. But you will eventually find a place where you fit in. Do not hesitate to put yourself out there, just the way you are, and people will love and accept you. Remember that even though it seems like it at first, this is not a challenge course, it is a beautiful journey and an experience that you will never forget in your entire life