Senioritis: Fact or Fiction?


Courtesy of Misha Hashemi

Misha Hashemi, Writer

   The lack of motivation. The decline in grades. The tendency to simply not care. These are some of the most common symptoms of the supposed affliction that affects those in their last year of high school. But is senioritis real? I asked a few twelfth- grade students around West High School to find out. 

   When asked about how the beginning of her senior year compared to the beginning of other years at West, Nastuki Yamaguchi (12) stated, “The beginning of senior year was … very tiring for me, I think it’s because we started on a Monday rather than a Thursday, but also because I didn’t expect to do so much work in the first few days of school.” When asked whether or not she thought she’s fallen victim to senioritis, she responded: “Yes, of course. I feel like I’ve hit the wall already and we’re only a week in. I definitely feel less motivated to get work done and I definitely feel more tired than usual. I’m also procrastinating a bit more than last year and we’ve only started the new year. I’m not sure if me graduating this year is making me want to get work done so I can graduate or more lazier because I know I’m going to graduate, but I’ll go with the latter.” But not all students share her viewpoints. 

   Etenesh Abebe (12) disagrees. She says that, “The other years, to be honest, I was more lazy and disorganized. This year, however, I even have a planner. This year I am actually doing my work.” In regards to senioritis, she expressed, “I had it for three years” (referring to her freshman, sophomore, and junior years). For individuals like Abebe, it seems like their bout of senioritis already taken place before their senior year and they’re now ready to move forward towards a successful final year of high school. 

   Nevertheless, senioritis is still a common phenomenon: according to a 2010 survey of 557 high school students from New York and New Jersey, 69.7% of seniors either agree or strongly agree that their academic effort will most likely decline in the second semester of their senior year. 

   For seniors who find themselves identifying with senioritis, just remember that it isn’t worth jeopardizing your entire high school career and everything you’ve worked so hard for thus far. Soon you’ll be graduating, and you won’t want to be looking back on your final year with regret! From one senior to another: good luck and keep up the hard work.