Stay True To Yourself

Courtesy of Pushing The Edge

Courtesy of Pushing The Edge

Christine Nguyen, Co-Editor-in-Chief

  Through development from childhood to an adolescence, one’s awareness of how others perceive them may heighten. This can result in motivating one to work harder and to acknowledge opinions different from their own. It can also help develop friendships and push growth in maturity. Peers can be a healthy and supportive presence in an individual’s life. Despite these positive benefits, peer pressure can also become a negative influence.

  One of the downsides to peer pressure is the risky behaviors that are involved. For example, it is common for kids to urge each other to partake in exploits that include stealing, cheating, and skipping school. Especially with social media nowadays, it is easy to feel vulnerable in contrast to those whom they feel are more popular. Most teenagers who experience substance abuse problems began using drugs and alcohol because of peer pressure.

  With all of the severe effects that can take place, why do people still give into peer pressure? The answer is simply because they want to fit in. They desire to be liked by others and not have to worry about being excluded or made fun of. Choosing how to deal with this kind of pressure can be difficult, but with the right kind of people and advice by someone’s side, they will be able to successfully overcome the challenge.

  It is important to make decisions based on your own personal values and priorities rather than the pressure you may receive from your peers. By also having a strong sense of morality and confidence, you will be able to avoid future adverse outcomes that they may come to regret later on.

  In the face of direct pressure, you could use a strategy to handle the circumstances in the most ideal way. A possible tactic would be to set boundaries with people and know that it is always okay to leave if encountering an uncomfortable situation. Another strategy would be to allowing some delay to think about a decision instead of immediately giving an answer. These are only a few of the many tactics out there that could be implemented.

  In life you will encounter a wide variety of attitudes, this can make you feel like you’re losing control of your actions. Most people underestimate the potential damage that drugs and alcohol can inflict, which is why it is crucial to know the facts to understanding what you might be getting yourself into. I’m not saying that people should not have fun. Individuals can and should still try new things and establish their identity, but should be cautious along the way.

  Peer pressure will continue to exist, but if you wisely manage your choices and be true to yourself, you will be able to overcome it throughout high school and beyond.