What is Healthy Anyway?

Madison Kuhlmann, News Editor

  While technology advances the advice on staying healthy is getting less and less clear, so what does it really mean to be healthy? And what should we be doing to maintain our physical wellness?

  As someone who does not have some of the best habits this got me thinking. If red meat has the potential to cause cancer, I’m glad that I am a vegetarian. The new organic products sold at Honey’s Natural are also peaking my interest lately, especially with the careful dedication and effort from every member of their team to sell only the very best, non-GMO products possible. But are these just speculations or can they really make a difference?

   Washing your hands for the entire duration of the song “Happy Birthday” is considered healthy because it has the highest probability of removing germs before making your skin an even better home for them. And never using the same towel twice to dry afterwards is also said to be one of the best things you can do because sitting on a rack in the bathroom only allows more germs to settle in. These are two of the most commonly agreed with suggestions for staying healthy – especially when you go to a public school or work with more than a handful of people.

   What about exercising regularly? People say that is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself because you improve the strength of your heart. And since the heart pumps blood throughout your body and blood is what carries anti-bodies when you are ill, it makes sense in more ways than one. So what is the best form of exercise and how often is regularly?

   As you can see, there are more questions than answers when it comes to your health and staying in top condition. The only problem in the end is that very few things, if any at all, can be proven successful for every single person out there. In fact, right now, most people trying to cure things like Cancer and Parkinson’s or even the common case of Arthritis are agreeing that treatment in most people is similar to the guess and check method in your math classes.

   In a way this is encouraging, as it suggests that there are multiple solutions to a single problem. However, the increased length until a full recovery can be quite discouraging until you discover what works the best for you and your cells.

   Stay on top of your vitamins, wash your hands for 45 seconds or longer in the warmest water you can stand, exercise regularly, and think positively and you should be golden! If for some reason, you still manage to catch something, remember, be patient – there’s a simple habit you can pick up that will cure almost anything that comes your way.