3rd Time’s a Charm…or a Burden

Kiana Schmitt, Staff Writer

   Freshman year is a breeze.  Sophomore year is a blur.  As for junior year, it is a major burden.
Filled with AP testing, SAT/ACT preparation, and college contemplation, one can easily see why the common perception of junior year is that it is the most difficult year in high school.  Students oftentimes find themselves sleep-deprived, stressed, and overwhelmed even, while trying to maintain the delicate balance of consistently high grades, extracurricular activities, and the aforementioned stressors.
However, this anxiety is not all without good reason.  Colleges tend to place the most emphasis on the grades students earn during both semesters of their junior year.  Next is all of sophomore year, and then first semester only of senior year.  Therefore, it imperative for students not to slack off their third year, or they might find themselves drowning in schoolwork with their grades slipping as well.
“Junior year is the year in which everyone piles themselves up with hard classes, memberships to every club they can find, and other extracurricular commitments, so that they can be in the running to gain entrance into a good college,”Aaron Ramirez (11) explained bitterly.  He feels that during junior year, the majority of students try too hard to pile on things to add to their college applications, and “don’t truly enjoy the experiences.”  Tiffany Camanga (11), however, has a more positive outlook, “Junior year is the best year out of your high school experience,” she commented, “You’re not the oldest but you’re not the youngest and you’re next in line to being the top class on campus.”
   Matthew Mizuta (10)’s single expectation of his next year in high school is that “it will be filled with much more hard work” It is clear that although challenging and crucial, junior year has much to offer students.  It is the time when students truly find their passion in school and determine the route that they will take after graduation; like they say…third time’s a charm!