School Uniforms: A Perfect Solution

Carly Saber, Staff Writer

When students hear the phrase “school uniforms” they are immediately filled with anger. The idea of wearing khaki pants and a hideously colored polo with their school insignia scares students into believing that they are becoming too ‘preppy’. Students also find it crushing that they are losing their creativity and that schools are not allowing students to be themselves. What students do not consider are the benefits that uniforms offer.

In high crime cities, parents that are pro-uniform say that their neighborhood was safe; however students today are being mugged for their expensive designer brand clothing and this is putting them more at risk for crime in school. With a uniform, this threat is lowered significantly since their cost differs greatly from expensive clothing. A second benefit of uniforms is that students are prohibited from wearing symbols or colors that signify violence. If an outsider enters the school, it becomes easier for security guards to spot the outsider since all of the students are dressed in a uniform manner.

Uniforms are not only a benefit to students in high crime areas, but also in middle class cities. Students feel pressured to buy the latest fashions and the most expensive outfits in order to fit in and be envied. Cliques are formed simply because kids cannot afford the same lavish accessories. According to an article on, Rachel Berman attended a private high school that required uniforms. When she reflects on how it influenced her school years she says, “The uniforms contributed to a more sedate, professional feel that I think made it easier to focus in school.” Without all of the worry about what people are thinking about your outfit it is easier to concentrate on what the teacher is saying and teaching.

Mornings become routine without the rush of picking to what to wear and having to rearrange and mix match until you find the outfit that is just right. Also mentioned in an article on, Daisy Kong, also went to a high school that required uniforms says, “There were days in college where I actually found myself missing my uniform because I didn’t know what to wear and would spend 30-40 minutes shuffling through my closet.” The hassle is not worth it, when you can have something already picked out and ready to go without having to put in any thought.

Kong also added, “You’ll have the popular kids with or without the uniforms.” It is better to have the cliques that are inevitable in any situation because of personalities and who the kids get along with, rather than who can afford the same level of clothing as they can.