Whose Job is it Anyway?

Hamzah Sami, Staff Writer

   Early May 1st, Osama Bin Laden, a terrorist who has become infamous for many reasons, was pronounced dead. This news was confirmed by President Barack Obama., who said that the U.S. devised a plan to corner Bin Laden and had killed him when he tried to escape. Bin Laden was then buried at sea. Though his death marks a significant achievement for justice in the world, there still remains controversy as to who should get credit for Osama’s death. Should it be the President himself, former president George W. Bush, or another person? As a result, many remain confused about whom to praise.

   According to theweek.com, former president George W. Bush deserves a great deal of credit for what he has done because he “authorized the interrogations that reportedly proved crucial to tracking down the al Qaeda leader.” In addition, Adam Yoshida of the American Thinker stated “it was Bush’s interrogations that first unmasked the courier who eventually led us to Bin Laden.” Though many still despise Bush for his policies as a president, they are still able to put aside their differences and give the praise he has not received.

     On the other hand, Tucker Reals of cbsnews.com believes Obama should be praised for this killing. The website added after a recent poll, “57 percent of Americans generally approve of Mr. Obama in the wake of the raid in Pakistan.” In addition, “[a] whopping 85 percent of those polled gave Mr. Obama high marks for his handling of the operation to find bin Laden.” With his first presidential term concluding in 2012, Obama’s role in this matter has given the American people a respect which may reward him with a second term for his job.

   In spite of the recent accomplishment, President Obama and others remain apprehensive about whether Al Qaeda, the organization of which Osama was a leader, will retaliate after losing their much-loved leader. Time will tell if Al Qaeda chooses to make a stand, and America must be ready.