“Glee” Depicts a Magnified Version of High School

The hit TV show depicts high school drama on steroids.

The hit TV series Glee is sweeping the nation with its winning combination of singing and dancing. Each week, Glee presents its viewers with numbers ranging from pop to rock to show tunes. The stars attend the fictional McKinley High School, living their lives as stereotypical outcasts, jocks and self-proclaimed “Cheerios”. Although entertaining, Glee’s depiction of high school is not exactly like everyday life at West High.

From the thrown slushies to the over-the-top cheerleading coach, McKinley High seems like normal high school drama on steroids. Tory Despres (12) is comparable to Glee’s Finn Hudson as he is a member of the varsity football team and a part of Play Production. Depres notes, “I think that Glee doesn’t depict high school accurately simply because it is a little bit over the top, but the stereotypes and classified groupings, for example nerds and jocks, depict what happens.”

The similarities between Glee and teenage life can be striking for some but much of what happens on the hit TV show would not go unnoticed at West. Justine Yamashiro (10) says, “No person or teacher at school is as bad as Sue.” For those unfamiliar with the show, Sue Sylvester, the cheerleading coach, often cracks derogatory jokes such as, “Female football coach, like a male nurse? Sin against nature.” Even though this may be enjoyable to the audience, no teacher would be caught actually saying that anywhere near school.

To some students the rejection and harsh judgment shown in Glee are very real, although not as drastic as depicted in the show. “For theatre kids everyone thinks that you are in this certain stereotype. You are always being judged for anything you did or do. High school kids are mean. Bottom line.” says Kelsey Keena (11). In the end, Glee provides a magnified glimpse of what happens at every high school: good and bad. Although not a perfect example of normal life, the popular series puts forth a valiant effort to stay as true to teenage drama as possible while still being funny, light-hearted and entertaining.