The medium jazz group performed their stellar routine halfway throughout the night. The routine’s complex moves were choreographed by Kristi Smith. (Art/Photo by Anthony Parker)
The medium jazz group performed their stellar routine halfway throughout the night. The routine’s complex moves were choreographed by Kristi Smith.

Art/Photo by Anthony Parker

WDAAM’s Beautiful 2023 Showcase!

May 8, 2023

   On April 21, West’s Drill and All Male (WDAAM) team performed their annual showcase in the gym. The event allowed for the team to display their hard work and talent that they have been perfecting since the beginning of the school year. During the late night of celebrating and cheering, there were many flowers and tears of joy throughout the team and audience.

   The showcase contained all of the routines  the team has been practicing for the whole  season. After many competitions at numerous schools, WDAAM finally had the chance to put on a performance celebrating their efforts. “It’s important to show the West community what we’ve been doing. They might have seen a performance here and there, but this is all of the routines in one night,” WDAAM Director Mrs. Eriksen stated. When dancing at a competition, it is almost impossible to see all of what West has to offer due the number of other schools performing alongside West. The showcase allowed the student body and community to witness all of WDAAM’s routines in one night. 

   In order to prepare, dancers had to practice continually, especially since their last competition was on April 1. Along with a new All Male routine, solo dancers had additional practices in order to ensure their performance would be great. Soloist Jude Arabit (12) performed his self-choreographed contemporary piece the night of the showcase. Despite being a four year member, he felt nervous when dancing alone on the floor and stated that “[solos] are not for everyone.” He believed that it takes a lot of “courage and time for someone to get used to playing alone.” Being a part of Leadership, Arabit had to make sure the event was running smoothly. Guest performers from five other schools displayed their routines at the event. Arabit made sure that the guests felt comfortable performing at West, even giving them miniature gift bags for their efforts. He worked as hard as possible for the performers because he believed that the showcase was an “important part of WDAAM history since it showcases all of the hard work that [the dancers] gained during the whole season.” He found that it should be important to the audience as well, since it informs them of the success of West’s many programs. 

   Along with many heartwarming performances, awards were given out to parents and staff who greatly helped WDAAM achieve their goals at the end of the night. As a way to show their gratitude, each member also gave a flower to someone in the crowd who encouraged them throughout their season. 

   The annual WDAAM showcase is a perfect example of hard work and determination. It highlighted the individual struggles of the dancers whilst also appreciating their worthwhile experiences alongside the team.

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