Homecoming Best Dressed 2022


Ethan Thompson (10), Jesse Goodbar (10), Nathaniel Newhart (10), Jack Morton (10), all posing for a once in a lifetime photo on homecoming night.

Triton Prichard, Staff Writer

   As the lights shine, and the music blasts, you look around and see people dressed their best. There are multiple things to look forward to at the beginning of the school year, whether it be the Friday night football games, or what Nate Newhart (10) was certainly looking forward to—  Homecoming. “Right as summer ended I was excited for Homecoming. It’s probably one of my favorite school events by far.” exclaimed Newhart

   Not only is Homecoming a fun weekend, it is also a special weekend to dress your best. Whether it be wearing a fancy suit, or keeping it simple with black pants, a dress shirt, and maybe even a tie, anything goes on this special night. With that being said, the Homecoming King and Queen have been announced, but who are the real rulers of “drip” of Homecoming 2022? 

   On this night, of course there were a ton of candidates, like Sullivan Kolakowski (12), Grace Thompson (10), and Manuel Agredano’s (12) friend Nanea Kyle (12)*. It was certain that everybody looked spectacular! May it be tuxedo suits, bright colorful shirts, or shiny blue dresses, there was a lot in the mix of fashion. Jesse Goodbar (10) commented on the event, “Homecoming was definitely fun; I met a lot of people there. It was overall just a good experience.” 

   As the votes were casted, the winner came out to be Goodbar, who was rocking a black suit with a rose. “I’m very surprised I won. I put all the swag I had inside of myself into this fit, and it came out just as dapper as I expected.” explained Goodbar. The runner-up who looked stunning was Danielle Ciscel (12), who was seen rocking a sparkly green dress with cowboy boots. 

   Homecoming 2022 was a huge hit and many memories were created in the span of a few hours. It was a night of expression that showed students from West High with creative minds and an appreciation for fashion. 


*Survey conducted via Google Form of Best Dressed at West High Homecoming 2022.