West’s Homecoming King and Queen Have Been Elected!


Art/Photo by Roger Ayad

Lauren Ng (12) and Frank Wong (12) share the life-long memory of becoming West’s new Homecoming champions. The stadium roared with excitement as Wong and Ng’s names were announced.

Anthony Parker, Entertainment & News Editor

 The night sky glimmered as students in fancy dresses and suits walked onto the stage that had been assembled on the 50-yard line. Alongside the rest of the Homecoming court, Lauren Ng (12) and Frank Wong (12) stood staring at the bustling crowd, awaiting the reveal of who would become West’s new Homecoming king and queen. As they stood alongside their peers, the announcement was made over the loudspeakers, echoing throughout the stadium. Colorful confetti blasted into the sky and the crowd cheered in delight. Wong and Ng had officially won the title of Homecoming king and queen.

   During the month of September, students were reminded to vote for West’s 2022-23 Homecoming king and queen on the Naviance website and to advocate for someone who was an active part of West’s community. 

   On Sept. 23, the top five candidates were announced at the Top 5 Rally. Ng, Wong, Brandon Howard (12), Sullivan Kolakowski (12), Jaden Mooney (12), Riyana Roy (12), Nancy Kim (12), Beckett Tom (12), Ian Chen (12), and John Kang (12) were all announced as finalists. 

   The candidates dressed in fancy attire for West’s Homecoming game against South High, with the boys in suits and girls in long gowns. After the West High Entertainment Unit performed its show during halftime, the court was brought out onto the field as their accomplishments were read over the loudspeaker. The Top 5 were led to a bright and colorful stage, overlooking the crowd in front of them. West High Principal Mrs. Murata announced that Ng and Wong had won the title.

   Wong described winning as an honor and found it amazing that so many people voted for him. Wong stated that he hoped winning Homecoming court meant that he and Ng had “made a difference in many people’s lives,” and for that he felt “honored.” Wong specified that winning homecoming was not a popularity contest, but instead validation for the hardworking individuals that help others and the school. 

   Striving for greatness is something that all of the finalists had in common. Nevertheless, Ng advised future seniors not to let their “pursuit of the title guide their accomplishments.” She added that students don’t need to be validated in a glamorous way in order to be any less successful of a person. Ng looks forward to spending time with Wong and her friends during Homecoming and appreciates all the support from her peers and fellow nominees. 

   The other nominees in the Homecoming court shared their congratulations to Wong and Ng. Longtime friend of Wong and Ng, Riyana Roy, who was also elected as a part of Homecoming Court, said that she wanted Ng and Wong to win the award because they are “funny, kind, and overall the best people to be around.”

   Not only was the Homecoming crowning an incredible moment to witness, but it truly showed the value, appreciation, and kindness that West High holds. It validated the students that go above and beyond in being the best people they can be.