Spooky Friday: The Haunted House


Having survived the haunted house, kids are applauded for their bravery. West High’s Dance Department hosted their annual Halloween Haunted House on Friday, October 29th, much to the excitement of students and the community. Dancer Simran Bhattacharya (10) expressed how her favorite part about the haunted house was “being able to create an experience that people will enjoy whether it’s a good scare or just being with your friends.” Photo courtesy of Marina Soen (11).

Luciana Gonzalez, Staff Writer

   Bloody shirts, scary faces, and skinny skeletons, all made this year’s Haunted House the spookiest one ever. On Friday, October 29th, West High’s Dance Department hosted their annual Haunted House. The Haunted House was for all middle and high school students; they were immersed in a deadly and eerie maze so that only those with survival instinct could make it to the end. 

    To make this year’s Haunted House a success, the Dance Department put a month of practice, dedication, and effort into the preparation of the event.  Three different dance classes were involved in this year’s Haunted House: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced dance. Dancers came together at the beginning of October to plan what sections and rooms they wanted to include. However, decorations didn’t start until the day of. “It takes about four and a half hours to get everything ready for the haunted house,” Ms. Vorhis, the Dance teacher, explained. Even California Scholarship Federation (CSF) volunteers had to be contacted. Many hands were needed but all the effort was worth it and made it possible to create last Friday’s deadliest experience. 

     The Haunted House also served as a fundraiser for the Dance Department. With over 800 people attending, this year the Haunted House doubled past ticket sales. Aside from being a fun event for students, it helps fund the January and May dance shows. Additionally, dancers got to step out of their tight and glittery attires and put on ripped bloody shirts to make the Haunted House experience even scarier. “The Haunted House is a spooky season and a fun way to vibe with friends and get spooked,” dancer Soschy Rodriguez (12) expressed. 

     After two years without a Haunted House, it was nice for dancers to finally participate in one. Especially for those who had never done one. “If I didn’t do it [Haunted House] this year, and had waited until next year, I wouldn’t have had anyone who had ever done it before,” Ms. Vorhis added. It was almost imperative for the Dance Department to do the Haunted House because beginner dancers acquire experience for future school events from this one. Also, many senior dancers hadn’t had a chance to participate in any in-person dance events or shows since their Sophomore year, so it was nice to see them check this one off of their senior bucket list.

    “I’m surprised I even made it alive,” Reese Ecklund (9) joked with a frightened look. Spooky season may be over but the nightmares from that night will last forever.