Just Crowned: Homecoming King and Queen


Art/Photo by Sullivan Kolakowski

Following the announcement of Homecoming King and Queen, Meileen Taw (12) and Elliot Kim (12) reminisce about learning of their win at Friday’s Homecoming football game. The Homecoming King and Queen are nominated through a series of student voting and teacher appointments. It’s a long journey to the throne, and Taw expressed how she is “honored to be chosen by my teachers and peers.”

Sophia Yoshimura, Staff Writer

   Before halftime at the Homecoming game, the sky was dark and the audience ablaze. Just minutes later would come the big reveal. As ASB members rolled in signs and stands, the chatter quieted. Candidates in formal wear arrived on the football field pair by pair, led by the announcer. When each pair was called, the field filled with tension for the final announcement: Meileen Taw (12) and Elliot Kim (12) were the Homecoming King and Queen. Crowns were laid, people cheered, and the King and Queen smiled.

   At West, the evening of the reveal was one of the liveliest since the pandemic. That Friday held a remarkable spark, energizing every performer and audience member. 

   In the moments following the final announcement, both Taw and Kim had respective experiences of shock. In Taw’s perspective, she “was really surprised when I heard my name, and kind of just froze. It was an exciting experience to be on stage with the court!”

   As the cheers sounded, Kim’s shock was nervous disbelief: “I was up against people I thought were popular and the nicest people ever, and hope[d] they’d become homecoming King…so when I was announced I was like, ‘You’re kidding, recount the vote!’”

   For Kim, the Homecoming King, he expressed excitement  for the dance, especially as it will be his first one. He explained, “I haven’t actually been to Homecoming because in freshman year I was just not interested. Then COVID happened, so this would be my first actual Homecoming. I’m honestly super grateful we’re able to come back and socialize.” He’s nervous about it, but ecstatic as well. Taw too, our new Queen, looks forward to the dance. As the president of ASB, she has been involved with planning the events since late August. Now, with two big reasons to go ― as a hard worker and the Queen ― Taw is thrilled for the dance. She expressed, “Planning Homecoming is a lot of work because of how large the event is with so many parts (court, the rally, the football game, the dance, etc.), but I am having a lot of fun knowing we are creating something memorable for our school to enjoy!” Certain COVID safety guidelines must be met, so Taw’s and everyone in the ASB’s efforts have not gone unappreciated.

   The two royals will soon take greater steps in life following this year. Before his leave, Kim wants to spend his experience here before college as best as he can, taking new opportunities, such as getting into Warrior Focus this year. Taw has been involved with a number of things at West, serving as President of both ASB and National Honor Society and enjoying Golf, CSF, and Key Club. Both seniors have made incredible contributions to our school, and their new titles as King and Queen are well deserved.