Homecoming Top 5 Court


Art/Photo by Sullivan Kolakowski

Celebrating the Top 5 Homecoming Nominees, ASB hosted a Homecoming rally last Friday on September 24, where they announced the winners. Pictured from left to right: Elliot Kim (12), Cathy Lam (12), Garrett Eguchi (12), Leah Sullivan (12), Lindsey Park (12), Meileen Taw (12), Austin Jones (12), Robbie Murata (12), and Sanjana Ganti (12). Not pictured: Hayden Green (12). Students could vote for Homecoming King & Queen from September 27 to October 1 on Naviance.

Rebecca Yan, Entertainment & Spotlight Editor

   Blue banners waving above. Trumpets ringing loudly. Students cheering at the top of their lungs. When entering the Football stadium on Friday, September 24, 2021, this is what you would’ve witnessed. 

   As the first rally of the school year, especially after a year of being quarantined because of COVID-19, the Top 5 rally was one to remember. Many students were excited to watch Drill and Band perform, and get to see the fun spirit games that ASB had planned. But for some, specifically the Homecoming Top 15 court, this rally was filled with anticipation and excitement as they received the news of Top 5 nominations. 

   Cathy Lam (12), a Top 5 nominee, noted how unexpected the results were for her. “I was really surprised, but also very grateful that people had voted for me.” Lam has involved herself in many school activities and events, as she is the Co-Captain of Drill team and the Vice President of Warrior Focus. She explained how she originally never expected to be on court. “It honestly never crossed my mind. I wasn’t expecting Top 15 let alone Top 5.” Though she was surprised by the news, Lam was thankful to the people that voted and supported her throughout this whole experience. 

   Another nominee, Hayden Green (12), was actually not at the rally when he was nominated. A varsity member of Boy’s Cross Country, Green was away on a race in Portland, Oregon when the nominations were announced. Nonetheless, Green felt very shocked when he heard the news. “Honestly, I’m not super popular, I just know many people. So I actually had no idea who would actually vote for me.” He expressed how unexpected the results were but realized that “I figured if I made Top 15, I might as well go for Top 5.” 

   For another nominee, Meileen Taw (12) was filled with honor towards the people who voted for her. “I was very honored and grateful to have been nominated by my teachers and peers.” The ASB President, Taw has been working on helping create and plan the rally for many weeks. Being able to also hear that she was a Top 5 Homecoming court nominee made her efforts to plan the rally worthwhile. 

   As Homecoming approaches in a few weeks and the announcement of Homecoming King and Queen draws near, Top 5 court members wait to hear the results. Congratulations to the Top 5 court on your nominations and good luck on the results for Homecoming King and Queen!