Club Rush Makes a Comeback!


Art/Photo by Luciana Duke

Last Wednesday, all clubs were gathering between buildings 3 and 4 for Club Rush. After almost two years, students got to experience Club Rush again and sign-up for different clubs.

Luciana Duke, Staff Writer

   Do you have a passion for drawing and painting but do not know where to start? Have you ever wanted to help your community but don’t know how? Do you just want a place to meet people and have fun? Club Rush had the answer to all of these questions. After almost two years, Club Rush was finally back! On Wednesday, September 15, all West High clubs gathered by buildings 3 and 4, promoting themselves and encouraging students to join. Each club provides different resources to meet each student’s interests. Whether it is a hobby, subject, or career that students are passionate about, everyone is able to find the right place for themselves at Club Rush. 

   For example, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is a club where students can learn about God and fellowship. But you do not have to be a Christian or an athlete to join. They meet every Thursday at the stadium; they usually have some cookies, pizza, or other delicious treats to share with members. “Our slogan is come for pizza and stay for Jesus,” said Eva Brandt (12), the president of FCA. At FCA you can expect invited speakers sharing their testimonies, group activities, and discussions to learn more about God, and great fellowship. 

   Another interesting club is Mock Trial Club (MTC). “We cover ways in which the courtroom works, from all perspectives,” stated Gavin Piedra (12), a Mock Trial Club board member. At MTC you will be able to choose different topics and simulate real trials. This is an excellent club to join if you want to improve your public speaking skills, learn about different laws, or engage in important discussions while making friends. Clubs are good opportunities to learn new skills or help your community; they also serve as extracurricular activities that look extremely good on college applications. 

   There are also a variety of clubs that promote and teach students about different heritages, cultures, and languages. Black Culture Club is about learning and embracing black culture; “how to integrate [black culture] into normal society” according to vice-president Chloe Thomas (12).

  A new club, For the Kids Club, also made an appearance at Club Rush. For the Kids Club will focus on doing different events to fundraise and make crafts for hospitalized children. This is a great club to join and be aware of the necessities of our community. “People should join because it is a really good cause that will help brighten their [children’s] lives,” Molly Paulson (11) board member of For the Kids expressed.

   Along with For the Kids, CSF, Interact Club, and UNICEF are only a few out of the long list of clubs that participate in events to help our community and bring happiness to those who need it the most. You are never too young or too old to help those in need. “We do this because we recognize that not all children were born in the same circumstances or resources that everyone else might have,” Paolina Aguila (12) UNICEF board member pointed out. No matter which club you decide to join you will always learn something new and have the opportunity to use it to help those around you.

   In a poll made by West Signals, the majority of students who voted said to have enjoyed their experience at Club Rush. Club Rush 2021 seemed to be a total success! Thank you to all clubs, students, and ASB for making it possible. See you next year.  But don’t worry, there is no rush!