The Hunt Is On!


Art/Photo by Samantha Takeda

West High’s ASB threw themed events for each class using the GooseChase scavenger hunt app. Anika Agarwal (10) participated in the St. Patrick’s Day themed event, noting how one event included collecting as many green items as she could find to photograph: “it was pretty fun, especially [when] asking my family to [help].”

Alexssa Takeda, News Editor

   With most of our social interactions being limited to awkward breakout room encounters and afterschool Zoom calls, it isn’t uncommon for students to feel disconnected. ASB is working harder than ever to bring students together by hosting activities that are not only fun but abide by social distancing protocol. Throughout March, ASB introduced one of their pandemic go-to’s: class scavenger hunts!

  Each class designed an exciting hunt using the GooseChase app. Junior class President Meileen Taw (11) helped organize her class’s The Croods hunt and explained the planning process. First, they had students sign up through a Google Form in ASB’s Instagram bio. Each student was instructed to download the GooseChase app. Then they compiled a list of missions for students to accomplish, such as having them take a picture of themselves watching the movie. Finally, those who earned the most points were awarded with a tasty lunch or a goodie bag. Through the app, students were able to see the rankings of others and see what they were submitting in real time, bringing back a small sense of community between students.

   The app also allows students to team up. In November’s winter scavenger hunt, students worked together to solve riddles while staying socially distanced in their own homes. Although isolation has been difficult for many, these virtual events give students an opportunity to reach out and enjoy quality time with each other. 

   Students such as Anika Agarwal (10) had lots of fun with the sophomore class’s St. Patrick’s Day themed hunt. Despite the online restrictions, Agarwal said that the event was carried out very well. She even got to show off her moves with the Irish dance mission: “I wasn’t familiar with this so [I] had to do some research…and I got to perform a little routine, so that was fun!” Not only was it entertaining, but Agarwal explained that it was also a learning experience. Within the 12 tasks that were assigned across March 16th to 17th, she was able to expand her knowledge on St. Patrick’s Day and Irish culture.   

   It seems that the event was a success for its participants. However, Taw admitted that it was a lot harder to get students to participate due to the disconnect. By promoting the event through social media platforms, Remind, and Google Classroom, the junior scavenger hunt gathered about 17 participants, which Taw explained was fairly average for a virtual event. Despite the difficulties, she expressed her thanks for those who joined, and encouraged others who didn’t to give it a try next time!

   That’s not all ASB has in store for West High. Unlike the Summer Olympics, ASB isn’t letting the pandemic stop them from some friendly student competition. Starting on Monday, March 22nd, a new video will be posted each day at noon on the ASB Instagram page, so make sure to stay updated! And if you’re looking for that traditional school spirit, don’t forget to tune in to this Friday’s rally.