New Fur Ban Causes Controversy


Courtesy of Alexssa Takeda

Alexssa Takeda, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Dating back to the 1980s with a protest against Macy’s Department Store’s use of fur, activists have been fighting a seemingly endless fight in support of animal rights. But after decades of grueling protests, many California citizens have finally gotten what they’ve strived for. 

   On October 12th, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed legislation banning the sale, manufacture, and purchase of many fur items, making California the first state to ban the use of fur. This means no clothing, handbags, accessories, and other products that contain certain types of furs.  

   Since the announcement was made, there have been large controversies over California’s decision. When asked about her opinion on the matter, Animals at Heart Club President Faith Yi (11) said, “I think that we as humans feel like we have authority over these animals and use their furs for unnecessary products. We are killing these living creatures for accessories.”

   It seems as if California, as a whole, is taking steps in the right direction. 

   But not everyone is on board with this new law. Tyler Ishibashi (9) agreed with Yi by saying, “I can see where PETA is unhappy with the treatment with animals, which is a valid argument. We should create new regulations for that.” But then he explained that “the ban is just a blow to normal Americans trying to make a living.”

   Ishibashi went on to describe how banning fur will cause the unemployment of thousands of employees, and how they would not have the finances to take care of their families.  

   Yi recognizes that although the fur ban isn’t the most important current global issue, she admits, “it is extremely helpful to many environmental problems we face.”

  Although the new law will be put into effect early January of next year, there have already been many mixed emotions.