Terror Attacks in Sri Lanka

Courtesy of Bloomberg

Courtesy of Bloomberg

Zachary Meditz, Assistant Sports Editor

On Sunday, April 21st, a massive attack on the capital of Sri Lanka occured as eight bombs exploded at the same time. More than 350 people were killed and 500 people were injured.

  These attacks hit hard across the world with people reacting to what happened on Sunday. Taylor Masaoka (9), who saw the tragedy online, said, “Hearing about the multiple terror attacks that occurred on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka is a tragedy that killed so many lives and a despicable act that spread throughout the world.”

  The attacks occurred at luxury hotels and churches during Easter Sunday. Three bombs exploded at nearby churches in the cities of Colombo, Negombo and Batticaloa. Three other bombings occurred in the cities of Shangri La, Cinnamon Grand, and Kingsbury, near the capital of Colombo.

  Ethan Camacho (11), who was aware of the event, said, “Sri Lanka is a beautiful place and seeing terrorists destroying hotels and churches on Easter and killing many tourists is such a wonderful place is just sad from the United States and around the world.”

  Police in Sri Lanka have arrested 40 people in connection to the attacks or knowing about them. Also, ISIS has claimed responsibility for the deadly attacks.

  People across the world, have been reacting to the tragedy that occurred in Sri Lanka including former president Barack Obama, who he had a message about the attacks on Twitter. “The attacks on tourists and Easter worshippers in Sri Lanka are an attack on humanity. On a day devoted to love, redemption, and renewal, we for the victims and stand with the people of Sri Lanka.”

  Other famous and important figures throughout the world spoke about the deadly attacks that rocked Sri Lanka, including Pope Francis, where he spoke at the Vatican on Easter, after the bombings occurred.

  He said,  “I wish to express my heartfelt closeness to the Christian community [of Sri Lanka], wounded as it was gathered in prayer, and to all the victims such cruel violence. I entrust to the Lord all those who have tragically perished and I pray for the injured and all those who suffer as a result of this tragic event.”

    Authorities in Sri Lanka have confirmed that foreign tourists were killed during the deadly attack. Tourists from the United States, Britain, Germany, Turkey, Australia, India, China, Netherlands, and Portugal were all among the dead.

     Some of the victims include a Sri Lankan television chef, Shantha Mayadunne, and her daughter, Nisanga Mayadunne, ASOS tycoon Anders Holch Povlsen’s three children, and a retired Manchester Fire and Rescue borough commander Billy Harrop and his wife, Sally Harrop.