Class Olympics Week Two


Christine Nguyen, Co-Editor-in-Chief

On Monday, March 19th, week two of the West Olympics officially started. The freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior classes continued their competition in a set of diverse activities. Friday was also Hawaiian Day, and students got the chance to dress up.

  The Olympics started off Monday with a volleyball game in the gym.  Some of the participating players were Kira Crook (9), Turner Crump (9), Jackie Lacroix (10), Ashley Varatip (10) and Evan Loh (12). Jeffrey Yum (9), the freshmen class president, said, “Kaitlin Requero for the freshmen did well and the teams were good in general for each class.” The final match between the seniors and sophomores was close, but the seniors won, putting them in first place. Sophomores placed second, juniors third, and freshmen last.

  For Tuesday, games of Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart were played. Some of the participants included Ernest Chin (10), George Fu (10), Derek VanRenesse (11), and Jonny Vogt (12). Yum added, “Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart games had the most responsive audience; they really enjoyed it.” The seniors stayed in the lead with 101 points, juniors and sophomores tied with 61 points and the freshmen had 24 points.

  Wednesday’s soccer game was held in the gym due to the rain. Some of the players were Minkyu Park (9), Tobin Lee (9), Ava Goucher (9), Jai Rodriguez (10), Kailey Park (10), Kojiro Ueoka (11), and Claire DeFabio (11). The seniors earned 116 points, juniors had 71, sophomores had 66, and freshmen had 29. Fiza Khan (10), who watched the game, said, “Overall the soccer game was pretty entertaining and it was great watching it from above as I was able to cheer for my class safely.”

  On Thursday, Duck, Duck, Goose and dodgeball were played in the gym during the rally. Freshmen won Duck, Duck, Goose after an intense exchange of rock, paper, scissors. Caroline Lomeli (9), who aided freshmen in winning their first event, said, “I did not believe it at first but once I processed that I had won I was probably the happiest person in the gym.” Freshmen also triumphed against sophomores in the heated dodgeball match while juniors defeated the seniors afterwards.

  The week ended with the Spring Fling during Friday’s extended lunch. Club booths were lined up between buildings 3 and 4, selling food and drinks such as churros, pizza, and Gatorade. If you were not able to attend this year’s Class Olympics, there will be another series of games next year.