A Night In Moulin Rouge Paris


Haley Guinn, Co-Editor in Chief

   West High School’s Homecoming dance took place this past weekend on October 28th, 2017. The theme was based on Moulin Rouge, a cabaret in Paris, France, and ASB re-decorated the Pavilion with red curtains and pillars to capture the romantic atmosphere of the historic club.

  Purnima Jain (11) liked the unique decorations. She said, “I thought the setting and everything was really nice. [I] liked how people had the option of sitting outside and going back in. The red lights gave a really nice vibe and it made everything look so much cooler. The inside of the dance room was also super cool, not too flashy, but at the same time decorative.”

 A new addition to this year’s Homecoming event was a popular dance game called Just Dance. Arthur Keeling (12) said, “I loved the game. It had school spirit and many other interactive dances you could do with your date or just your friends.”  

  Throughout the night, the DJ played a variety of music ranging from Ed Sheeran, to American hip hop artist, Cardi B. Louise Cuaresma (12) said, “I did not like how the DJ would play line dances because the space was already tight and small. In addition, the DJ was playing the same types of music so at some points it was hard to dance to. Overall, however, I thought the music choices were upbeat and there were always people dancing.”

 Towards the end of the night, ASB’s Secretary of Spirit, Michael Ezer, announced the Homecoming King. The top five senior nominees for Homecoming Queen were Kristi Smith, Jenni Hast, Yuuka Hirano, Grace Petersen, and Jinny Kim, and the Homecoming King nominees were Rory Abberton, Brandon Irie, Ike Tamanaha, Travis Kircher, and Leo Kim.

  The 2017 Homecoming King and Queen were Travis Kircher and Jenni Hast.