Welcome to West High!


West High School/ September 2017

Andrea Gomez , Staff Writer

Mrs. Heinrich is the new principal of West High after Mrs. Metz’s retirement at the end of the 2016-2017 school year.

  Before West, Ms. Heinrich was the principal at Jefferson Middle school for three years. Mrs. Heinrich began her education at Mt. San Antonio college for her associate’s degree.

  She later went to UC Davis for her undergraduates degree then went to several graduate schools including UCLA. She began as a program specialist (which coordinates programs in fundraising, budgeting, etc.) and was hired early as a vice principal. Jillian Siazon (9) commented, “She shows she’s professional and mature even at a young age and it shows she’s more than qualified to be a principal… or maybe a position higher.”

  Right now Mrs. Heinrich is learning how West works and operates. She described her co-workers as “go-getters” and “passionate.” Ms. Heinrich was also impressed by the teachers as she said, “[their] dedication stands out… they very much are strong in their academics and want to see every student succeed.”

  There’s always a place to improve on “competing against ourselves” and that’s what Mrs. Heinrich believes in. In regards to the spirit assembly that happened on the first day of school, Ms. Heinrich explained, “you have to connect people… if you don’t connect people to the organization then the spirit goes down and …  I want our students to feel part of West.”

  As for the students, Ms. Heinrich believes the “students have their warmth, there is a sense of community.”

  Mrs. Heinrich was originally going to be a pediatrician but she said life took her a different way and she doesn’t regret anything. “My work in general has a humble pride… my work is my way of giving back, a part of who I should be… but it’s more of a service than pride.”