West High Mourns A Former Fallen Athlete at Age 18


Ashley Kang, News Editor

Jeremy Tyler St. Julian, an 18 year old student attending La Serna High School, was found dead after falling off a 100 foot cliff while hiking in the Angeles National Forest. According to the Los Angeles County coroner’s office, St. Julian fell at around 8 pm on Tuesday in the Chantry Flat Area, and was pronounced dead immediately at the scene by the Los Angeles County paramedics.
At the time of his death, he was hiking with five friends. According to CBS Los Angeles, a nearby hiker, Megan Broussard, heard “a loud bang followed by yells for help.” She said, “I tried going down there, but it was too steep.”
The La Serna High School football team that St. Julian was part of offered their condolences, saying in a tweet that “Prayers go out to the friends and family of Jeremy St. Julian. We love you and will miss you big guy.” The high school sent out a similar statement, informing the student body of the tragic accident and adding, “We are all very heartbroken over this tragedy and loss.”
According to the Whittier Union High School District, St. Julian, a senior, was set to graduate at his high school on Wednesday at 5 pm. Michelle Nguyen (11) said, “It is so tragic that [St. Julian’s] life was cut so short so abruptly. The fact that he was going to graduate the next day made it even more sad; it made you realize how young he was and that now he cannot look forward to a new chapter in his life.”
Unfortunately, St. Julian’s fall was not the only accident in the Angeles Forest this year. Earlier, in February, five hikers fell at Islip Saddle in the Forest, ultimately killing one and injuring the other four.