Drug Abuse: A Common Predator

Drug Abuse: A Common Predator

Cherokee Hernandez, Feature Editor

3 out of 10 High School Seniors have reported consuming alcohol in the past month alone, according to the rehabcenter.net Teen-Drug-Abuse- Statistics.  38.3% of High School Seniors have also reported indulging in the use of marijuana. This Untold Injustices, will serve to decode the myths of teenage substance abuse.

  1. The Myth: Everyone is doing it.

   The Truth: Only one in five teens admit to substance abuse for the help of maintaining their lives, whether it may be home life or school, according to Educate Before You Medicate.

  1. The Myth: Prescription Medications are safer than other illegal drugs.The Truth: When prescription medicines are used without doctor’s orders, the risk of health problems increase. Chances of death and overdosing increase even higher when prescription medication are mixed with other medicines or alcohol.
    1. The Myth: I will not become addicted.

       The Truth: According to, Everydayhealth.com, of the 76% of high school students, one in five meet the criteria for addiction.

    1. The Myth: Mary Jane is harmless.

        The Truth: Regular use of the drug can lead to chronic illnesses such as; chronic cough, bronchitis, and lung infections and in some severe cases, a host of cognitive impairments and with structural and functional brain changes.

    1. The Myth: It helps my grades.

       The Truth: Substance abusers are twice as likely to receive poor grades than non abusers.


    Educate yourself on substance abuse within teens. The earlier it starts the worse it gets according to rehabcencer.com, If you or a loved one is suffering from substance abuse, contact any of the hotlines below:

    www.ttccare.com Addiction Center

    888-757-5052  National Rehab Center