11 Dead in Explosion


Hannah Lin, Staff Writer

On April 3rd, 11 people died due to a metro explosion in St. Petersburg, Russia.

  The Prime Minister of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, called this attack a “terrorist act.” According to CNN, “The explosion tore through a train as it was traveling between two stations in Russia’s second-largest city.”

  Another device that was larger was found at another station in St. Petersburg, but luckily it was defused in time. No one has claimed to be responsible for these attacks, and because of this, the city’s metro system has been shut down.

  Along with the 11 people who died, 51 were injured and four are in critical condition.

 One passenger said, “In the metro car, everyone expected death, if I can say that. After the explosion, everyone expected consequences. Then we were taken out, and people began to help each other, brought others out. Most were covered in blood.”

  Alexey Chirochkin was in one of the subway stations as the explosion occurred. He said, “I [took] my earphones off, [and] I [looked] around [to see that] the station is full of smoke…  People there did not have whole bodies … They were not asking for help. They were not moving.”

  Vladimir Putin, current president of the Russian Federation, has yet to say anything to the public about the metro explosion which has got a few wondering how he is handling the situation.

  Trey Gasset (11) heard about the explosion and is slightly concerned about what might happen to Russia. He said, “Putin might mess up the entire system in Russia even more so than what he has already done. He might specifically target Syria because this is a terrorist attack. But honestly, who knows what Putin might do, he is very unpredictable.”

  Terrorist attacks have been occurring more frequently, these attacks included the one in Paris in 2016. Prayers go out to families who have lost loved ones in this event. Meanwhile the world continues to mourn over the death of more innocent civilians.