Going for the Gold in the West High Olympics


Todd Potter, Sports Editor


  From March 6th to 10th, West High School is having its Annual Olympics, a class competition between athletes of different grades.  Over the course of a week, people will compete in the sport that is being played that day during lunch.   

  On Monday, the athletes from different grades are playing volleyball.  On Tuesday, athletes will compete against each other in games of six-on-six soccer.  On Wednesday, players will play Toilet-ball.

  “Toilet-ball is kind of like ultimate frisbee and a combination of… sports that we play… on the field… [T]he goal is to score a ball in a small goal but the rules are: 1) you can’t take more than three steps with the ball, 2) you can only hold the ball for 5 seconds max, 3) a dropped pass is a turnover and the other team’s ball,” said Secretary of Athletics Katie Timmerman (11).

  On Thursday, other athletes from each class will play three-on-three basketball.  

  During lunch on Friday, the participants in the Olympics will not play a game.  However,  during the Night Rally the final part of the competition will take place: a sprint medley relay race.

  Each day, the classes will earn a certain amount of points during lunch based on their performance.  The team with the most points at the end of the week will win the Olympics.

  The first place team will get first place medals and bragging rights.  The second and third place teams will also receive medals.   

  “It seems like it’ll be fun, this being my senior year.  It’s cool that I’ll actually be able to be a part of this big event,” stated Ashley Nguyen (12), who will be participating in her first Olympics when she plays basketball next Thursday.
Andrew Hazzard (11) is also looking forward to playing in the Olympics, when he will face off against his teammates in soccer.

  “It’s gonna be a lot of fun playing against [my teammates] because I’ve known them for a long time and I know how they play.”

  Support your class as they take part in the Olympics next week during lunch.  Go to the Night Rally on Friday March 10th at 6:00 p.m. to see which class wins the Annual West High Olympics.