Computer Science at West

Hannah Lin , Staff Writer

  In the 2017- 2018 school year, West is offering a new Engineering course, AP Computer Science Principles.

  Recently, West has been adding more classes to prepare students who are interested in STEM-related fields. Last year, two other engineering courses were added at West, Introduction to Engineering & Design and Principles of Engineering.

  West already has a Computer Science Club that focuses more on the application than the principles of computer science.

  Club president, Julian Rachman (11) said, “I think it is necessary for this school to be exposed to computer science because it is going to be the center of most new jobs in the next 20 years.”

  Another member of the club, Richard Ruan (11), is excited about the new course. He said, “Some students cannot find the time to learn how to code or are confused because they do not have someone guiding them through the steps or [they] cannot maintain a commitment to learn [about computer science] because they are worried about [their other] schoolwork.”

  Timothy Tran (11) is currently taking one of the new Engineering classes and is interested in taking the AP class next year. He  said, “My parents are both software designers and I would like to get a job in a similar field to them so I believe taking the AP Computer Science class next year will help me take the first few steps towards my goal.”

  The course will be offered to Juniors and Seniors who are eligible. Talk to your counselors for more information in regards to whether you should take it or not.