Barbara Lopez, Entertainment Editor


  Multicultural Day, an event at West High School, that has celebrated and appreciated the diverse cultures of its students for decades, has been canceled  this year. The event was set for March 3 was recently canceled due to lack of signups.

  World Geography teacher Mr. Phelps, who oversees what the students do, stated, “Every year we have the problem of getting students to sign up in a timely way for performances. In the past, it always kind of came together in the last few weeks. This year we thought that would be the same situation: we thought students were just waiting to sign up.”

  The minimum amount of signups required in order to have the event is eight to ten; however this year there was a total of only three signups.

  When asked why she thought there weren’t enough signups,  French teacher and overall culture enthusiast Ms. Dulaney said, “All students are under way too much pressure with academics and sports and volunteer work to do anything more.”

  French Club historian Lillian Chen (10) added, “There should be have [have been] more publicity out there, but I also think with people being so busy with high school and homework, if there’s no time to rehearse and try out then there’s really nothing the student body can do.”

  Due to the fact that MultiCultural  Day will not be happening this year, there’s a lot the student body will be missing out on, including performances, cultural booths, and the annual Geography Bowl.


Korean Culture Club co-president Joseph Shin (12) said, “I wish it wasn’t cancelled. Multicultural day was the one day where people from different backgrounds can come together and share their own customs and origins.”

  When asked what his favorite part of MultiCultural  Day was in the past, Shin (12)  stated, “Definitely the performances by the students. From singing to dancing, it showcased each culture in interesting ways.”

  It’s unfortunate that Multicultural Day has been cancelled; however there is always next year to look forward to. As Phelps stated, “It’s nobody’s fault, it’s just this year happened to be a year where people weren’t signing up.”