Inauguration Portable Toilets Company Name Taped Over

Jack Hogse, Staff Writer

  A Virginia company, “Don’s Johns,” has a long standing history of providing portable toilets for events held in the nation’s capital. However, it would appear that some of the staff for this upcoming inauguration are concerned that the “Don’s Johns” company name might upset the incoming president, Donald Trump.

  Workers preparing for the inauguration on January 20th have taped over the name of the company on the portable toilets which has angered some of the company’s employees. While it is still clearly visible when you look up close, the tape blocks a wide angle view from a TV or camera.

  The reasoning behind this decision is the fact that the name “Don’s Johns” bears some resemblance to that of the president-elect’s.

  Robert Weghorst, chief operating officer for “Don’s Johns,” stated he did not know the logos were covered up until The Associated Press reported on it Friday.

  Trump stated in a telephone interview, “We [his administration] do not know why it is being done, we did not tell anyone to do it, we are proud to have their name on the units.”

  According to the Architect of the Capitol, there was no other way to allow plastic toilets in the area. Spokesman Justin Kieffer told NBC News, “The AOC is in the process of covering or removing signage on the portable toilets to bring them into compliance with Capitol Grounds restrictions on advertising.”

  In the past, porta-potties have had no rules against them that would prevent the names being shown to the public. These actions are strictly due to the purely coincidental similarity in the names of the company and Trump.

  Will Adams (10) said in regards to the topic, “It seems strange to me that they feel the need to cover up something so funny. I think it would be less offensive and more amusing to Trump if they kept the name up.”

  Regardless of how Trump regards it, the Inauguration Committee will not allow the names to remain. Weghorst expects his team, who are already working hard in light of the inaugural festivities, will remove the tape over the weekend.