Powderpuff Rally


Emily Partida

Jack Hogse, Staff Writer

West went wild Friday afternoon, when this year’s Powderpuff rally started off with a bang. The screaming crowd and the jaw-dropping performances of the girls characterized the end of the week long spirit week and the beginning of the final stretch to Winter break.

  Despite the shrieking fans, the competitive games, and the joyful senior sing along, some students found that the rally was disappointing.

  “We have certainly had better rallies in the past,” says Matthew Ward (11), “I can tell ASB is trying their best, and maybe it is just my age getting to me, but it was a lot more fun my freshman year.”

  Contrary to Ward’s feelings about the success of the rally, Hannah Navarro (11) thought it could not have gone better. She stated, “I know it is hard planning these sort of public events for kids our age, so I have to say that I was really impressed by how well everything went.”

  Following the announcements at the beginning, it was time to have some fun. The games had officially commenced. Students were selected from each grade to compete in a battle of wits, speed, and pure luck.

  The objective of the game was to wave a plastic bin cover back and forth, using wind to push an ornament across the gymnasium floor. Then, lock arms and work your way through a hula hoop until you reach the other side. Finally, tie a candy cane around you so that it is hanging below your waist, and guide it into the top of a cone without using your hands.

  After a few moments of grueling athleticism, the freshman class came out on top. Their victory brought the “Go home Freshman!” chants to a swift end. Then came the Tennis and Cross Country congratulatory speeches, and to top it all off, Santa brought gifts! Or– the freshman president in a Santa costume did.

  Earlier in the week, students gathered around ‘Santa’s throne’ to explain what they wanted for the holidays and during the rally some of these wishes were granted. The presents included a unicycle, a Barbie doll, and even eggs.

  If you missed this rally, do not worry as there will be many more to come in the future.