PowderPuff and Pastries


Ashley Kang, News Editor

   West High’s annual powderpuff game–where the girls play football and the cheerleaders are inexperienced guys in girls’ uniforms–was held this past Friday at lunch.  The student body gathered in the football stadium to watch the two teams, D1 Hunnies and Vicious & Delicious, face off to play flag football while the ‘man-leaders’ cheered them on.  After an intense match, team Vicious & Delicious came out on top, winning narrowly by a score of 20-18.  

  Rachel Oelsner (12), one of the players of Vicious & Delicious, liked how the game provided an experience most high school girls do not get. She stated,  “Since football is a male- dominated sport, it was really fun to play with a bunch of other girls. I enjoyed being on the team and being able to contribute to our win.”  

  And though Jordyn Park (12) was on the losing team, she stated, “Everyone on both teams were really into the game–I did not expect the game to be so spirited and intense and though we lost, it was fun to see our whole team come and work together.”  

  In addition to football and the performances, clubs used the game as an opportunity to sell food and drinks to the high school students. Trenton Aoki (9) stated, “Though I came for the food, the game was really interesting as well.  The performances by the guys were also pretty amusing to watch.”  

  If you missed the powderpuff game this year, you can come to the night rally in the spring and watch more of our student body participate in other sports competitions.