Holiday Season is Hacker Season

Holiday Season is Hacker Season

Andrea Gomez, Staff Writer

How safe is Cyber Monday?

  Cyber Monday is the following Monday after Thanksgiving where almost everything online is discounted. This gives scammers a chance to steal your money instead of you getting a bargain.

  In an article by the FBI, it warns customers to be aware of what and where they buy stuff. FBI said “If a deal looks too good to be true, it probably, is,” the FBI then added. “You may end up paying for an item, giving away personal information, and receive nothing in return except for a compromised identity.”

  The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center reports that most states in the US saw the highest number of scam victims in 2015 with more than $1 billion in cyber scam losses. Gossett Ortiz (11) said “It’s really unfair that many customers get scammed. My brother got scammed twice trying to find a used textbook for college and he lost over 400 dollars.” Gossett then added, “I was looking for a new phone since my old one broke, and my brother was making sure where I was buying my phone… Luckily I didn’t get scammed and my phone got to me in one peace.”

  To be at lower risk for scams, a strong and different passwords but you also have to be cautious on smartphone apps. The FBI said “Beware of posts on social media sites that appear to offer vouchers or gift cards, even if it appears the offer was shared by an online friend,” the FBI further then said  “Some may pose as holiday promotions or contests that lead to participation in an online survey designed to steal personal information.”

  Many of the times people will post pictures of tickets and that’s also a red flag for fraudsters can can use the barcodes to recreate tickets for re-sale.

  William Li (12) commented “I buy a bunch of stuff on Cyber Monday and sometimes my friends tend to sell stuff too. I’m extra careful on what I buy and where I buy it, I don’t just buy whatever seems appealing, I have to look into it detail by detail.”

  Overall Cyber Monday is still a fun day to shop online. Just be careful on where you spend your money on.