Warm Welcome to West


Hannah Lin, Staff Writer

West High’s campus is home to our new assistant principal, Michaele Scheerle.
Prior to coming to West, Scheerle was a science teacher at Palos Verdes High School, also assuming the position of Principal of Palos Verdes Education Foundation Summer High School Program.
Scheerle commented about her teaching career. “I’ve taught high school science courses for 12 and a half years. I began my teaching career as a student teacher at North High School and Magruder Middle School where I taught chemistry and physical science. After student teaching, I taught chemistry and integrated science at La Serna High School for four years, and spent the last eight years teaching chemistry and science research at Palos Verdes High School.”
Scheerle said that she always had an interest in the Education department. “I’ve always liked working with people—young people in particular. I have spent many years walking in the shoes of a ‘student’ where I have experienced successes as well as challenges.
Ultimately, I enjoy helping others navigate their unique educational path.”
When Smoke Signals asked about how she is liking West so far, she said, “The staff and students are friendly and welcoming. I love that West High has a big band and entertainment and I really love the warrior pride I see around campus.”
She had a few things to say about the improvements that are going to be made around West, as well as the district, “I know this campus is scheduled to undergo modernization which will bring a fresh new atmosphere to classrooms and the gym. The new auditorium as well as the off-campus aquatic facility will be will be great additions.”
If you ever see her around campus, be sure to smile and say ‘hi’.