Fumbling for Flight

Madison Kuhlmann, News Editor

Over the weekend, many of us were in or attending the armed forces or Gay Pride parade; however, something interesting happened across the globe. Wreckage from Egyptair flight 804 was discovered in the Mediterranean sea.

   Ever since the attacks on Paris and Brussels the world has been in a heightened state of awareness, and according to CBS News, “the majority of passengers were Egyptian, many nationalities were aboard the flight, even an infant.” Countless innocent lives have been taken in the past year, and something says it will not stop here.

   Despite the discovery of the debris, little is actually known about the incident. The radius of detectability from the black boxes is extremely limited at an incredibly short two miles. That number looks even smaller when considering that the search area is nearly 5,300 square-miles.

  While little is actually known about the incident, Mr. Rugnetta, a WHS history teacher, said, “I am an optimist, I like to think that was an accident, but I suppose we won’t know until we see what’s on the black boxes.” Submarine crews say they have narrowed down the search field for the black boxes, the boxes have yet to be discovered.

  Rugnetta went on to say, “If it was another terrorist attack, I hope that it is related to the ones in Brussels and Paris, because otherwise there’s a new group and the world has enough bad guys in it already.”

   In an interview from the Los Angeles Times, Paul Charles, an aviation analyst from London, said, “Terrorists are getting more advanced, and therefore security teams themselves need to be more advanced with this threat.”

   As more people get involved and more articles are written, hopefully there will be more evidence to explain what happened over the weekend. But for now, nothing has been confirmed.