Capturing the Years Between Pages


Alyna Kim, Feature / Opinion Editor

 The Chieftain needs students who are dedicated and passionate about student life and activities to help immortalize West High’s finest memories in words and pictures.

  West High’s Yearbook class is a great place to make new memories while turning the memories of others into something concrete and impressive.  Staff members form bonds while delving deep into student life and activities, paying close attention to the best the student body has to offer.

  The current yearbook staff is seeking new members for next year.  Because students create the final product, the staff is looking for a wide variety of talents, from art, to photography, to writing, but no experience is required.  The most important thing is interest in the school.  “We need people who are dedicated and hardworking yet know how to have fun and embrace their weird, creative side,” said Dan Usami (11).  Students should maintain a forward-focused drive to make a great product.

  With hard work comes great reward, according to Kody Chong(12) a senior.  “Yearbook is super fun, but it’s also super stressful.  If you enjoy writing, it’ll be worth it in the end,” she said.  For her, yearbook has been an exciting experience, despite all the pressure to succeed.

 As much as yearbook requires strong work ethic and management, it also requires heart and a sense of the student body’s pulse. “You make memories while capturing the memories of other people,” said Vivian Wang (12).