The Edge Of Design

  The Edge Of Design

Ellen Butler, Staff Writer

  West High’s annual student-run fashion show was on Thursday, April 28th.

  Designers from grades 10-12 showcased the incredible creations they have been working on since the beginning of the school year, along with the help of fashion teacher Mrs. Palozzi.

  “The diversity ranged from elegant dresses, to dresses that shined like the stars, and even athletic wear. The fashion department truly presented how talented each of the designers were,” said Mary Cablin (10).

  The designs were created as if they were ready to be put in stores. Shown by the glamorous details, stitching, and the way the designs fit the models’ bodies. Each person walked down the runway as the crowd sat in awe at the ability of the fashion department.

  Designer Tuba Ansari (10) said that “even though it seemed like a whole lot of the work in the beginning, how proud I was at the end made all the hard work totally worth it.” Though there were some bumps in the road, such as scheduling problems and a few broken straps before the show, there was nothing “a little attention and a few safety pins couldn’t fix.”

  Participation in the annual fashion show did not consist solely of designers. Models chosen from the student body showcased the works of art created.

  Model Kristi Smith (10) said, “Being a model was such a unique and memorable experience. It allowed me to experience  something new, step outside my comfort zone, and make a ton of new friends.”

  Models and designers were thrilled with the overwhelming rush of appreciation from the audience during and after the show, leaving both excited for next year’s fashion show.

  “The Edge of Design fashion show 2015-16 has to be one of the best fashion shows so far,” said Brittney Sanchez (11). “It clearly showed the creativity and talent of the students. I will definitely be attending the show next year.”